Flashes of Light

Appear to me spontaneously, involuntarily, provoked by sensory influences. Unannounced initial thought may derive from a piece of music, written text, built or natural environment, person, mood, event or any combination of the above. A concept gestates for days or weeks, until the appropriate media becomes clear. I create a sketch, and try to understand it for a period of time. The piece then comes out of me very quickly. Several pieces result, produced in rapid succession. Much of my work is done in a small series, and normally executes very closely to the first flash of light that appeared. I have noticed that the many passions in my life manifest through me in a similar way.

A formally trained architect, I received my Bachelor of Architecture degree from Kent State University. I have studied and created art all of my life. I draw inspiration from compositions in nature and the built environment. I am intrigued by the natural tension between opposing forces along the following themes: Chaos/Order, Free Form/Precision, Random/Planned, Solid/Void. My influences come from the modern architecture and art world, and include Corbusier, Meier, Eisenman, Pollack, Chihuly, Warhol, Arnoldi.