Announcing: Volonic x Lawrence R. Armstrong Artist Series

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The Volonic Artist Series celebrates the trailblazers who have dared to imagine a more elegant, yet functional world. Through our own unique mediums, artists have inspired to see the world, our cultures and each other from a new and beautiful perspective.

Volonic and it’s Artist Series is an instrument to help create works of art while donating all proceeds to their preferred charity. I will be donating the proceeds of my work sold to a charity very near and dear to my heart: United to End Homelessness.

Featured here and for a limited time only, are several one-of-a-kind handcrafted wireless solutions I hand-painted. My inspiration for these special units was the natural tension between the opposing forces of free form and precision, mirroring the free-placement feature and precision wireless charging technology of the Valet 3.  

It’s time to take flight. Click here to visit the Artist Series on the Volonic site.